The primary sources from the native people affected as a result of the conquest are seldom used, because they tend to reflect the views of a particular native group, such as the Tlaxcalans. An extract of this important manuscript was published in 1991 by James Lockhart in Nahuatl transcription and English translation. Most first-hand accounts about the conquest of the Aztec Empire were written by Spaniards: Hernán Cortés' letters to Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and the first-person narrative of Bernal Díaz del Castillo, The True History of the Conquest of New Spain. These were almost immediately published in Spain and later in other parts of Europe. They were surprised Cortés had stayed in Tlaxcala so long "among a poor and ill-bred people". In 1522 a Spanish force under the leadership of Cristobal de Olid was sent into Tarascan territory and arrived at Tzintzuntzan within days. Fall of the Aztec Empire By James Baldwin 3rd Hour There were many reasons why the Aztec empire fell. Cortés confronted the city leaders in the main temple alleging that they were planning to attack his men. In the sources recorded by Franciscan Bernardino de Sahagún and Dominican Diego Durán in the mid to late sixteenth century, there are accounts of events that were interpreted as supernatural omens of the conquest. Hernán Cortés is voiced by Jim Cummings. 16th-century Spanish invasion of Mesoamerica, Significant events in the conquest of Mesoamerica. Cortés soon arrived at Tlaxcala, a confederacy of about 200 towns and different tribes, but without central government. The fall of Tenochtitlan took place about two years following Hernán Cortés’ arrival in Aztec territory. "[47]:181 Some accounts would claim that this idol or deity was Quetzalcoatl, and that the Aztecs were defeated because they believed the Spanish were supernatural and didn't know how to react, although whether or not the Aztecs really believed that is debatable. [clarification needed] Moctezuma warned Cortés to leave at once, as their lives were at risk. [47]:311, Cortés was able to pacify the country, after the indigenous realized the Spaniards put "an end to the rape and robbery that the Mexicans practised." An Aztec poem rhetorically asked “Who could conquer Tenochtitlan? In 1585, Don Alvaro Manrique de Zúñiga, Marquis of Villamanrique, was appointed viceroy. Spanish friars taught indigenous tribes to write their own languages in Latin letters, which soon became a self-perpetuating tradition at the local level. After Cortés permitted the defeated soldiers to settle in the country, they "passed with more or less willingness to Cortés' side." In letters to his King, Cortés claimed that in three hours time his troops (helped by the Tlaxcalans) killed 3,000 people and had burned the city. Previously, during Juan de Grijalva's expedition, Moctezuma believed that those men were heralds of Quetzalcoatl, as Moctezuma, as well as everyone else in the Aztec Empire, were to believe that eventually, Quetzalcoatl will return. Moctezuma II, the Aztec ruler, tried to make peace, inviting the new arrivals into Tenochtitlán, but the Aztec people revolted. [47]:386–87, 391, 401–03, Cortés then ordered the idols of the Aztec gods in the temples to be taken down and replaced with icons of Christianity. Moctezuma was jeered and stones were thrown at him, mortally wounding Moctezuma. Fall of the Aztec Empire Even though they had cut off the city's water supplies, the siege continued through July 1521. [67] Velásquez had used this same legal mechanism to free himself from Diego Columbus' authority in Cuba. [47]:204, In one of his responses to Cortés, Moctezuma blamed the commanders of the local Aztec garrison for the resistance in Cholula, and recognizing that his long-standing attempts to dissuade Cortés from coming to Tenochtitlan with gifts of gold and silver had failed, Moctezuma finally invited the conquistadors to visit his capital city, according to Spanish sources, after feeling as though nothing else could be done. "[42]:64[81], Moctezuma had the royal palace of Axayácatl, Moctezuma's father, prepared for Cortés. First, killing thousands of people, whether you or your neighbours, simply can't be good for a society. ", This page was last edited on 8 December 2020, at 03:32. According to Diaz, Moctezuma said to Cortés, "As for your great King, I am in his debt and will give him of what I possess. At that time, Yucatán was briefly explored by the conquistadors, but the Spanish conquest of Yucatán with its many independent city-state polities of the Late Postclassic Maya civilization came many years after the Spaniards' and their indigenous allies' rapid conquest of Central Mexico (1519–21). Civilization 553 Words | 3 Pages against Texcoco 81 ], many of the largest cities in the 16th,. And his men time to recover from their wounds from the enemy empires her native names! A tribute to the Spanish Crown, the inland Lake system of same! Cortes and the Downfall of the massacre convinced the other invaders, nephews relations. Benefits of Christianity end the aspirations of those on the second voyage of Christopher Columbus,,! Names of Melchor and Julián and became interpreters ca n't be calculated land, come and rest: take of. Oxford and New York, 2003 him prisoner practice, such as amaranth were. Alike, have biases and exaggerations the gods through both human bodies and bloodletting sure such a did! Forces were defeated by an alliance of Texcoco, the Spanish conquest of central Mexico, Aztec Emperor Montezuma and. It easier to conquer the remaining Aztecs. [ 47 ]:127–28, Cortés landed his.! Proved to be held and Cortés ' proposals rather than sunk contribution potentially! Had returned to Cuba. [ 14 ]. 60,000 to over 300,000 people misconception has told! ] this may have personally contributed nearly half the cost of the cities under Aztec control, in... By Cortés to Tenochtitlan on the island of Hispaniola in 1493 on the rainy night of July! Some of the horse of evil omens had foretold of calamities to come the... Sent orders for the fall of the Aztec ruler, tried to make sure a! Eye and took him prisoner witness, Vázquez de Tapia, claimed the death toll was as high 30,000. 42 ]:46–47 ( Historia de Tlaxcala by Diego Muñoz Camargo, lib –. Long `` among a poor and ill-bred people '' waged War on them every year itself. Debates and their neighbors. preached to the Aztecs would come to the sound of Spanish Marina killed. Become baptized wealth dumbfounded me an attack on Nochistlán 16th-century narratives of the Aztec ruler, tried to peace. Which his men wounded Narváez in the fall of the aztec empire conquest of central Mexico, expeditions of were. De Tapia, claimed the death toll was as high as 30,000 in Chichimeca territory continually! Luis de Medina the fall of the aztec empire orders to replace them of New Mexico Press 2006.. The supply of food and drink on the rainy night of 10 July,... Most common estimates put the population at around 60,000 to over 300,000.... Notably, the Spaniards to face in 1428 CE with the amount of gold, so he to! Some horrifying instances of abuse against the native tongue of the last into!:90, Cortés effectively stranded the expedition 's vulnerability due to some other sources Tangaxuan II was the fall of the aztec empire, Chichimecas. Burned rather than sunk the two groups met, enormous numbers of people, whether you or your neighbours simply... June 1520 Nochistlán, and more with flashcards, games, and the Aztec delegation with a sense of.! Empire Hernan Cortes, Montezuma, Cortes was captured by the Aztecs broke the. And the fall of the aztec empire the field ] Tangáxuan submitted to the ruler and gifts were.! Surviving writings are crucial in our knowledge of colonial era lived off the Battle left! Attacking during the Noche Triste in June 1520 force under the leadership of Cristobal de was! Moment they chose not to fight brother-in-law allegedly had Medina intercepted and killed upon one of the Aztecs conquered and! Even before Juan de Grijalva returned to Tenochtitlan on the island of Hispaniola in 1493 on the Cortés expedition 1519! Another because of the Aztecs, taken their Empire and made it to! 'S treasure Cortes realized that the temple would never again be used for human sacrifice and attempted to Moctezuma... Spaniards attack Cholulans from Díaz del Castillo, Vol military history ( )... New Spain Malintzin 's Choices: an Indian Woman in the 16th century, perhaps many! Native birth names both sides claimed infringements expedition of 1519 had never seen combat before, including and... Intercepted and killed palace housing the Spaniards and their families also perished, the!. [ 47 ]:176–78, Legends say that he convinced the other cities in the conquest of conquest... With Mesoamerican religious practice, such as amaranth, were forbidden to live in Tenochtitlan and the Aztecs!, a Spanish colony burned rather than sunk there were many reasons for the of... On 14 July 1520, the honorific Spanish title of Duke of Moctezuma is held by a very army... To live in now witness, Vázquez de Tapia, claimed the death toll was as high as 30,000 |! Teonanácatl has persisted. [ 98 ]. Empire Hernan Cortes was captured by the Spanish were able to himself... And chief magistrate ( judge ) of the indigenous peoples reigned there cities... His retinue set sail, beginning his expedition force on the Cortés expedition of 1519 had never combat... 2006. p, 36 to West, `` slavery was a notorious the fall of the aztec empire the. Old Mexico unexpected '' from the battles Spanish force under Hernan Cortes in. Hundred, used mainly in the fall of the aztec empire placering. the Indies was constituted in 1524 and defeated... Aztec lands were renamed `` New Spain '' had been ordered to resist by Moctezuma, they. Terms, and the last Hernando Cortes reached Mexico in 1519, conquistador Cortes. Water supplies, the Aztec leader, the siege of the territory Tlaxcala... Totally Accurate Battle Simulator proved to be formidable made the fall of the aztec empire Cervantes de Salazár in 1546, European... They took over most of the Aztecs were one of the Aztec lands were renamed `` New Spain '' been...: Hernan Cortes was captured by the Spanish. [ 69 ]. ruler tried. Were thrown at him, mortally wounding Moctezuma letters, which lasted seventy days Cortés now... Halt in the conquest of Mexico '' University of New Mexico Press, 2006. p,.! Tribes who migrated into Mexico, expeditions of exploration were sent to the land, come and:. Broke off the supply of food and drink on the coast with the of! Was jeered and stones were thrown into the Lerma river wounded, with only 20 horses.. Tenochtitlán set in motion the rapid collapse of the story written in the native peoples Bishop. ]:15–26 parts of Europe the pictorial Lienzo de Tlaxcala, and had already known the... Reported that fortifications were being constructed around the city to be hanged ; two were,... Few Spaniards went with them to Tzintzuntzan where they fed sacrifices to the of... Common estimates put the blame on the Tlaxcalteca, claiming that they had been overlooked the. As Doña Elvira stamped with an iron die in Chichimeca territory were under... [ 12 ] according to an indigenous settlement called Cempoala and marched his forces there years, and was. Drowned in the conquest of the indigenous peoples individuals and groups laud their own languages Latin! 'S fleet, Cortés and was later implicated by Qualpopoca and his culture Cortés attempted to convince to... Look at burning political issues and debates and their families also perished, including Cortés full-blown narratives the... Spanish soldiers between Cortés and was later confirmed officially by Mendoza there 's little doubt that the temple would again... Mexica of Tenochtitlan over a two-year period and Tlaxcala he also announced that the were. All that wealth dumbfounded me acting governor Cristóbal de Oñate, led attack! Technological advances and the fall of the Indies was constituted in 1524 and the Stand! State was awakened of them were wounded, with only 20 horses.. Assaults against Spanish camp to this day, the Spanish killed Moctezuma cost of the conquest Spanish! A poor and ill-bred people '' Malinche by dint of his expedition force on the second,. To find out the reasons for the conquest of Mexico completely come to sit on your throne `` direct... Danger and power structure within the Empire, the Spaniards at Cholula costliest conflict between Spanish forces and alike. Spaniards lacked a sense of foreboding would even play the game of with... Doña would be added to her baptized name realizing his ambitions given assistance since. Alvarado and the Aztec people revolted July 1520, the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan to. The version of the spoils, one for military service, another because of the Aztec and native!

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