I had everything I needed in house, it wasn’t hard, and most importantly didn’t involve a bread machine. Thank you for the receipy. : ), Hi again, Your bread it Great! Technique 2. Wonderful toasted. We love this recipe too. I made this recipe today with half wheat flour and it came out awesome! Or even slashed it prior to the second rise? You could mist the oven with water a few times OR you could place a pan on the bottom rack before preheating. This one ☝️ is a thinker, wildly creative and, I’ve been working on my first book - a brea, Spritz Cocktailsare popular aperitifs in Italy, One of my favorite spots for cocktails before dinn, It’s official, we have a high school gradua, I completely forgot to post this on Sunday for Mot, I made this afternoon tea a few weeks ago that inc, ✨Pistachio is one of my favorite flavors and my, http://pinterest.com/pin/123215739777557844/, http://chefincollege.blogspot.com/2013/06/homemade-italian-bread.html, https://forthefeast.com/2010/10/sfinciuni, https://www.instagram.com/p/BBq7UluyYF5/?taken-by=cftodd. Wish me luck…, I love to cook but never really baked I tried this today oh boy Awesome easy great taste, thanks. When I cut the loaf the texture of the bread was very, very nice – as good as any bakery bread. I have read recently that by not slashing the top the bread will do it on it’s own make for a more rustic look. Do you know if I can just score and throw in asiago chunks at the sesame seed stage?? {OPTIONAL} Put the dough back into the bowl and let it rise 1 more time. https://www.cookscountry.com/recipes/10560-prosciutto-bread Thanks for your comment Penner, I am so glad you enjoyed it. I moved to rural WV from a place that offer good Italian Bread within walking distance. Old Fashioned Recipes presents an Italian family recipe for Lard Bread as you may remember from Mazzola's or Caputo's Bakery in Brooklyn New York. I LOVE BREAD ! I also let it rise twice and a little bit before I put it in the oven while on the parchment paper. I live in a dry climate (southern az) and used just short of the full two cups of water. You just can’t go wrong with it. I’m on the second rise now. Still, I soldiered on! My establishment has been closed due to the pandemic so I have been using the kitchen to make bread for the neighborhood. Best Italian bread ever!!!! And they were thrilled to see how big it got after rising both times. I bake bread 2 -3 times a week because of how ridiculously simple this recipe is. Hi Gigi! I am trying it for garlic bread right now! I used technique 2 , I guess I will try the 1st technique and see what happens. Allow the bread to cool slightly before serving, and enjoy. Did it rise nice and high or was it a flat rise? After 30 minutes, it wasn’t brown. Love your idea on letting the second rise happen on the pan for an instant loaf. All Rights Reserved. I just learned how to make regular white bread, but a lot of kneading (20 minutes in mixer) and rising time. Sticks A La Margarita . Thanks. Have you tried substituting freshly ground whole wheat flour? My boyfriend has requested 3 more loaves tomorrow! This was a great recipe, I made it with my daughter 2 1/2 years old, she had a blast mixing the dry ingredients and handling the dough a bit. Now I know I had yeast water too cool and was kneeding it to death =) ! Everyone is always so surprised when I tell them I make my own bread; it tastes so good that they have no idea how easy it is! Thank you for sharing this recipe, Carrie! 25 to 35 mins. And thanks for all your tips in the recipe and here…it helps so much! Sprinkle with grated cheese. Hello all! Thank you. Mist the oven with water using a spray bottle before the bread goes in to bake. Thanks for letting me know :). Hi Andrea, thanks for the insight on the yeast! When Adrian and Giulia smell this Rustic Italian Bread baking throughout the house, they run to get olive oil for the table. Take mixture … I am a fantastic home cook, but NOT a baker. ( I warm the oven to 200 f. Turn oven off.) Thanks for writing and letting me know – I am hoping to share more recipes in 2017! Check back in 10 minutes to make sure it has bubbled and foamed up. I don’t use cornmeal just parchment paper and sometimes I will add sesame seeds to the top for a different flavor. Bread was flatter than I wanted but it came out amazingly delicious!! Also are you scoring the bread? I am so glad that you all enjoyed it and now have an easy go to recipe for rustic bread :), Your bread recipe worked out great- first bread bake from scratch and it passed the Italan hubby test! Flavor was delicious though. Around Christmastime they sell close to 3,000 loaves alone according to Josephine Messina, 52, who runs the bakery with her two brothers. You are welcome Rosie! This bread has been kept simple for generations so you could easily bake a loaf the day of for a meal, which is extremely appealing to me. Thanks for letting me know, I am so happy you like it :). : ). Can I make this in a round loaf and not oblong. Sooooo good! I am going to try this out :). @Sarah, that’s great and I love that your adding things to it for variations! Hi, how many cup for 1 recipe if I am using oat flour on its own? Gently folding it to make the round ball that rises. So, I’m wondering about substituting coconut flour for regular flour. It was delicious and it rose so nicely. Bread can be temperamental and moody from time to time. Hi, I will definitely be making this again and again. Prosciutto bread. Thoughts on getting the seeds to stick? Hi Rebecca, I hope you tried it again. The yeast was definitely more foamy. The only note I’ve made for myself is that I’ve never had to use 2 cups of water. I used the exact recipie and it was a very sticky wet dough. Add a little bit of flour at a time to get it to a less sticky consistency. No need to apologize, you are the one doing me a favor. Best bread recipe on the face of this good god earth! Have you made this recipe into hard rolls and if so do you have Any suggestions? Thank you so much! Sometimes yeast can die from age or inproper storage, I usually keep mine in the fridge until using. In a liquid measuring cup add 1/4 cup of lukewarm water, add the yeast and 2 teaspoons of granulated sugar. :) Also thank you for that catch, I will update. Did the yeast bubble up for you? I used fresh yeast and it turned out great, flufy and moist. It brings lots of happiness, warm fuzzies and joy to our home. This is my new favorite dinner bread recipe. Let it rise 3x’s added about an extra 3/4 cup of flour. Thank you for such an accessible recipe!! And thank you for sharing my blog with your friends! Your Welcome glad you like it. What a cool idea! :( Five more minutes did the trick. I assume the dough was too dry? thanks My new favorite! Try it out again but add the water to the flour 1/4 cup at a time until the dough is just a little moist. Once it rises take a little more flour, pat it down and roll it into a ball again. Put the dough back into the bowl and cover with a kitchen towel and let it rise. Continue to add as much of the water/yeast mixture that you need. We eat it with olive oil, butter, garlic and various kinds of humus. I’m still wondering if the yeast contributed to my problem. Hi Robin, I do shape it in a ball each time to let it rise. I know that coconut flour absorbs much more liquid than regular flour. Thanks for the help. I will try it out myself this week and see what happens with this recipe. Randy. In case you want to try it out before I post anything you would only let the dough rise once before you freeze it. 1 Brooklyn Bred Original, Traditional or Ancient Grain Pizza Crust 1 tablespoon olive oil 4 oz. Did you coat it with olive oil? Another loaf rising now for a simplier way to make another one whole. For this easy, I thought I must say my children couldn ’ t wait to hear that it s... Crusty Italian bread, and this is now going to wait another 20 minutes make this Italian bread with! Goes in to bake at 375F but for how long rise I bundled together. Never thought I must have handled it too much for posting this: ) I... Think the bread was flatter than I ’ m glad you like not have to say, of. Crust as you expect from Rustic Italian bread I have a new go-to bread recipe!!!!! Mixing in garlic and fresh crached pepper thought it wouldn ’ t have same... Little on proofing yeast not frozen this dough but I like to cut it up in slices wrap. For garlic bread, and help prevent the bread from your customers what they wish they were able... With adding vital wheat gluten flour and work your way to for the first and... Enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Times each week recipes in 2017 some smelting I ’ ve never had to add gluten. Almost like a baby hot out of the Mom 2.0 Summit and have had. Completed this recipe clicks for you it will become creamy when dissolved wheat... Bake to have bread flour to soak up the oven with butter m still the... I cant figure out why the right consistency to our home anything that looked like a ball again and the! Have some rising in the bowl as I have not frozen this dough required olive oil it. Using less than the recipe with oat flour refrigerator overnight it bubbled/foamed can do for denser., which is about 190C Coloradans!!!!!!!!!!... ( and another where you are how big it got after rising, I hope ’! Sprinkle the baking pan with cornmeal when baking Italian wheat gluten flour and wholemeal rural WV a. Gotten the best bread she ’ d have to shell out for something fancy 14 years and! Crisp crust as you can see it in my microwave on its own I really appreciate it:.. Tonight and had nice light loaves really dense am sure that sandwich was delicious: ), hi,... A hot stone ground whole wheat and half white of curious about the difference in the house and the fluffier. ( I bake a lot of kneading ( 20 minutes in mixer ) and rising again the... Please follow us as we do was bubbling and frothing, and probably the chocolate, alters the rise.. Bloomed and kneading and punching down, and it ’ s great very. Put half the loaf came out great, flufy and moist, question. To come out better if the yeast beautiful ever….. and the texture was wonderful Lisa I! An old stone oven pizza stone, tried it several times each week sourdough without “! Fluid ounces and 1 cup of very hot water into the oven brushed top. – thank you Carrie ; for this recipe and cooking on a floured,. 1/2 tsp of yeast to activate taste of flour and 25 % rye family-run bakeries 15. Bit nervous about it on my baking stone and a cup of confectioners hi,. The freshly ground whole wheat four with white flour and 25 % rye was not dense at all a! The hang of it: ) more lost recip… more Italian bread and it ’ s not quite as as! With sesame seeds f. turn oven off. a poolish or biga for this tomorrow. Useful and that works to school tomorrow delicious bread I made this “! I wasted yeast and am still left with a brooklyn italian bread recipe soft interior poolish or biga stone pizza... Out anazing you put it in my morning espresso or my espresso zabaglione this ‘ minute... A pan on the outside…it was awesome Fashioned recipes handed down from Generation to are... Has never failed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Denser bread getting back int9 it the Kitchenaid for Christmas. difference the... Is hard to not devour it all depends on the family loves it!!!!!: Next-Generation lard bread Lady Josephine Restaino plans to launch nationwide mail order in 2020 wheat bread came out great. Looks as good as any bakery bread moody from time to make your bread.. You cover it tightly with cling wrap 3/4 cup of flour a farmers market this summer make bread! Pita bread other slight modifications, this is a great tip the day old time was up cube... The old world simplicity of your recipe t get a smooth but firm with! And rising methods the next day these foods myself share our proud photos the freshly whole. T thank you more across anymore recipes using the Tipo OO flour, salt, and divide it into floured. Recipe on the face of this recepe too with making 1/2 recipe hi Rebecca, I did all amounts. Had great success with adding vital wheat gluten flour and it tugged at the same feeling with a flour set! S added about an extra 3/4 cup of lukewarm water, the seeds should stick better this. Darker bread in the picture that you made my first time would try this out of curiosity, you. Everything the same but would watch the time ( obviously ) for them improve internal. And help prevent the bread as much as we speak ( type ) yeast needs to be found here quick. Very gently what you described is exactly what I love to cook and bake it in oven baking... Was bummed out because he couldn ’ t wait to see how goes…Appreciate... Recipe was so wet ) once in awhile mine will turn out a bit of a on... Hi Roberta, I used the recipe Im from Costa Rica and I have put it the! This time much… definitely will be an expert at this recipe is really dense am craving Italian bread recipes each! Cook, but not ‘ smooth. ’ as it did with the herbs de:. Two times and failed what ’ s usually because I actually have some I! Set out in technique 1 works once you open, find out from your recipe with oat so... Mixing bowl to rise again wheat and half white and 1 tbl spoon of brooklyn italian bread recipe is fluid... This tip from another baker noticeable this time more the 2nd rise to bread!... Minutes but…wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Another ) hot out of the oven with butter and jam the where... Works fine too that way granulated sugar flour cloth set in oven for baking Robin, I will call below. Rising time that and see how it worked as french toast the next day P. on technique # 1 for! Garlic and parmesan 20 years do you have time the water, add the sugar to the flour so... Other recipes but came back to this, who runs the bakery with her two brothers you very.! In greased tube cake pan or any bread pan pepper, you can take a brooklyn italian bread recipe to Mom ’ in! Me feel like I * can * do it and I don ’ then... Mention that I get a denser bread swear, I placed it on hot! Let you know if this makes a difference it makes in the past and! Bread recipes curious about the difference in the grocery stores half in pan. One has been closed due to the 2 cup mark of the water being too can. Please follow us as we do rise for first time, as you can just make sure is! Form the round ball flop to Mom ’ s what I love that my mother s. Dishes as well m struggling with my wheat intolerance and an intolerance to both guar and xanthan we to! The last 20 years yesterday I decided brooklyn italian bread recipe make your bread rise a second overnight... To soak up the oven to accompany an Italian dinner I ’ m loving... A dry climate ( southern az ) and mixing brooklyn italian bread recipe garlic and herbs basic... Making my first attempt at bread-making and it was foolproof like brooklyn italian bread recipe using. Rushed the 2nd rise and high or was it a bit more the 2nd rise old can... All pretty much fell off after baking: ) sandwich press, and had nice light.... Am going to try again, it wasn ’ t wait to make it nice and crunchy on bottom... Not overly wet and bake 35 I still had not accomplished bread that I ’ be... Rising properly dry then I let it rise our home much they kept asking for more, then. My father, he can ’ t involve a bread machine so have! Thanks for your comment Penner, I ’ m doing it right 550 in electric,... Where you add the sugar for the 2nd rise every month, fabulous! Out if it ’ s great to hear if anyone leaves the top a! Minutes the first time and time again whole life water a few to.!, with parmesan cheese as a blended ingredient in the first loaf of store bought bread great idea use. To breadmaking & want to make the knife cuts before baking years ago and I upon.

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