Extreme haunts strive to create an exhilarating experience using a mash-up of legendary haunt features and the latest frightening triggers to create a sensory overload. All are welcome to venture out to Haunted Fort where you can try your bravest to endure four different haunted houses packed into one. These actors are professionally trained, and the make-up and costuming is on-point, you might just feel like you’ve stepped into a horror movie! Chainsaw-roaring madmen are hellbent on giving you and your friends the scariest night of your life! Runner Up: Sanctum of Horror in Phoenix, AZ. Situated in the town of Lee, the Haunted Overload goes to movie quality sets and special effects to bring the best frights possible to unsuspecting attraction goers. Entrance to all of those is included in admission. All Rights Reserved. Bloody entrails from various humans the creatures of the night have devoured? Chromophobia is a 3D haunted attraction that takes you as reveler through the brightly lit streets of Mardi Gras. The SCARIEST Haunted Houses in AMERICA — 2019’s Top 13 Haunts. Then there is the mega-popular Hayride of No Return that will have you screaming into the sky all night long. Or as one brave horror fan who made it out alive claimed, “the scares just keep on coming here!”, FrightFind It: Thrasher’s House of Terror in Mount Pleasant, IA This is no ordinary cornfield to visit alone at night, at the Field of Screams bringing friends is an absolute must. Spread out over twenty acres, this haunted attraction serves up three chilling attractions in the Master’s Castle, the House on the Hill, and the Haunted Woods. Haunted Hayride is an absolute must-do in this surprisingly spaced out haunted attracted. Runner Up: Haunted Field of Screams in Thornton, CO. A real farm situated in the shadowy backwoods of southwestern Connecticut, Legends of Fear is king when it comes to frights in the town of Shelton. We've found the best haunted houses and haunted attractions across the U.S. for 2019, each one offering a shock value that will shake you to … Get exclusive access to haunted news, spooky contests, and more! Find the top haunted houses near me on USA's Greatest Haunts. As always, we are not here to rank or tell you which killer clown is scariest (clearly it’s Pennywise); we are just here to bring you at least one haunted house to visit in every state. New for this year is the Nightmare Factory Blackout, which has you and your friends stranded in an abandoned power plant that is crawling with creeping mutants! The real world seems scary enough these days. However, one thing that does not change is this attraction’s dedication to using larger than life skeletons and ghouls that stand nearly fifty feet tall so as to demonically tower over the easily frightened! Profiled in such media outlets as the Travel Channel, Making Monsters, and the iconic Fangoria Magazine, Bennett’s Curse is celebrating its 18th season in scaring up Baltimore residents. FrightFind It: The Asylum in Las Vegas, NV FrightFind It: Bennett’s Curse in Baltimore, MD We dare you to try any of the following top haunted houses in The Lone Star State capital. Make sure to bring plenty of friends with you, because you’re going to need all the trauma counseling you can get after this one! No one has. The haunt as it is known today has been successfully scaring thrill-seekers since it opened in 2014, but the artists who run Mortuary Studios have been sharing their passion for the paranormal at this location for over 30 years. With over 30 rooms in a jaw-dropping 30,000 plus square feet of horror, Evil Visions is one vastly awesome and scary good haunted attraction. The house is rumored to be … Gather your friends and see if you can dodge the likes of Valmoprh, a disgustingly foul and bloodthirsty vampire! Looking for the ultimate Zombie experience? If you are looking for an experience that is theatrical, thrilling, and impressive, Dark Hour Haunted House is the place for you. The lighting and sets were aesthetically pleasing…but don’t stare at the structures too long…that’s what the monsters want you to do. They went more alien virus and government experiments gone wrong with this haunt vs the traditional and overused zombie methods. Founded in 1985, this mostly family-friendly haunt is looking to secure a new location currently but it will be up and running. Runner Up: Dead Land in Lebanon, TN, Chosen by the Travel Channel as one of the Scariest Haunted Attractions in the United States, Thrillvania is certainly bringing the scares to the Dallas area. Don’t let the family nature of a “hayride” fool you, this is one wagon that will summon your darkest fears and then torment you with them! David Moscow’s directorial debut thriller “DESOLATION” releases January 26th! Considered to be the premier haunted attraction in the state of South Dakota, Fear Asylum is looking to serve up the best scares possible. Because you will…over and over! Runner Up:   Field of Screams in West Greenwich, RI. I♥Halloween > Halloween Attractions > America’s Best Haunted Attractions > America’s Must See Haunts (Last Updated 9/28/19) No matter which state you reside in, the Halloween Season is an endless celebration that takes place all Fall long. Each separate site contains five haunted houses in one, however, each location is different. Upfront and in-your-face, the Haunted Hotel lets haunted attraction goers know upfront that this is a full-touch venue, so not only will some of the most demonically disgusting creatures and bloodthirsty slashers flat out scare you, but they will also take swipes at you and your friends! Things To Do | Oct 3, 2019 By Kelly Sundstrom … Runner Up: Nightmares Haunted House in Laurel, DE. Runner-Up: Atrox Factory in Leeds, AL. Into the Dark is the second half of the haunt that takes you on a twisted journey through complete darkness! By Lucia Peters. FrightFind It: Folklore Haunted House in Dallas, GA Cold Blood will make you tread ever so slightly through an elaborate pathway, avoiding detection from one of nature’s cruelest creatures. VIP ticket plans are available and an absolute must for this horror crowd-pleaser. Frightworld has been recognized by Buzzfeed, Travel Channel and Frighttour.com as one of the top haunted houses in the Find the scariest haunts near you ranked by Hauntworld You won’t have to go to a midwestern farm to experience the Haunted Hayride which is the ultimate horror fan favorite in frights! When the Haunted Houses are open, starting with the 6 … FrightFind It:  Nightmares Basement of the Dead in Aurora, IL In fact, attendance has not only doubled but even tripled over the years because horror attraction fans just cannot get enough! It’s upstairs and said to be “staff quarters”. Frightening Ghost Town! FrightFind brings you closer to the paranormal by finding and reviewing the scariest haunted houses, fear attractions and haunted hotels near you. 1. We hope you enjoyed our picks for this year’s TOP 13 Haunts! All we had to do was to follow the bloodcurdling screams and it led us right to the ticket booth! “We only use real ghosts . Terrifyingly vast in its size, the site features two haunted attractions in Hellscream and the Haunted Mines. According to research about the business of haunted houses, this industry made popular through the late 1990s and early 2000s is now growing by leaps and bounds. FrightFind It:  Destination Haunt in Lebanon, ME FrightFind It: Haunted Plantation in Waipahu, HI. Now *that* is how to Halloween. A Special Friday 13th opening for the season will feature a horror legends theme including Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Pennywise, and Chucky! Fans of the horror film Rust can actually check out some places in this haunted attraction that were actually used for the film. 5 Best Haunted Houses in AUSTIN If you’re looking to find the scariest haunted house in Austin then you’re in the right place! I can definitely say whatever was going on up there was in your face! Evil Visions Haunted House brings one of a kind terror to the northern Louisiana city of Monroe. FrightFind It: Frightland in Middletown, DE The real-life Shadow Man coming for his next victim? You’ll get your chance if you try your luck inside Dr. Runner Up: Haunted Mansions of Albion in Albion, ID. Profiled by MSN, USA Today, and Buzzfeed, Woods of Terror in Greensboro is more than just a haunted attraction, it’s a haunted theme park! The building used as this modern-day house of horrors is an actual haunted location with a sinister past. This is definitely a Halloween destination if we ever saw one! Seven haunts, one event, one ticket. Runner Up: Terror in the Dark in Rapid City, SD. Special VIP and Platinum access tickets are also available for the hardcore haunted attraction fans! Pennhurst Asylum is one of the best haunted houses in the country. Hope it’s water? Just kidding,” says Bookout. These two attractions are part of Slashville Haunts, which never disappoints! Frightworld has been recognized by Buzzfeed, Travel Channel and Frighttour.com as one of the top haunted houses in the Featuring three haunts inside of one gigantic location, Enigma Haunt challenges even the most veterans of haunted attraction goers to test their horror might. With a slew of frightening characters roaming the “monster midway” and plenty of food, drink, and shopping, Seven Floors of Hell in Ohio presents an entire evening of frights and literal chills! If you want to catch a thrill or experience a real haunted place, then we can get you there. There are several haunted attractions on-site including Hell House, Killer Theater, Mark of the Beast, and The Infected. Think you could last more than a few minutes in a horror film? Surfacing from the deep of Davey Jones’s Locker itself, sea creatures and hidden ocean horrors will be upfront and very personal with you. Get there early every night so you don’t miss out on the Midway Monster parade that kicks off every night of screams. Selected by horror magazine icon Fangoria as one of the best haunted attractions in America, Dent Schoolhouse certainly does not disappoint. Tickets are available for purchase now so come and get the finest in horror education! If you like clowns, clowns, and more clowns, this is the place for you. This scream park contains 5 haunted attractions! Runner Up: The Darkness in St. Louis, MO. Everyone’s favorite decapitated Hessian Soldier has his own haunted house. This is definitely a worthy spot for an evening of thrills and chills. The Old Circus Freakshow, Custer Manor, Post Asylum, and Guard House II provide not so subtle levels of fear and horror that even some of the most veteran haunted attraction goers have been known to flee midway through. Attraction times vary but expect over a ninety-minute haunted attraction experience at the Scary Acres where they pride themselves as more of a Halloween theme park rather than just another haunted house. They even thrill you with scents…we apologize in advance for the animal room…eek. Runner Up: Fright Nights in Daniels, WV. Ever wonder what sound your voice makes after it gives out from screaming? Year round, FrightFind brings you closer to all things scary nearby. Runner Up: Haunted Hollow in Somerset, PA. FrightFind It: Legends of Fear in Shelton, CT Rated as the #1 Haunted Attraction for Western Montana, the Field of Screams in Victor, just outside of Missoula, is one wicked place to visit! Oct. 5, 2019. But at FrightFind we are only going to recommend to you the absolute very best in terror-filled, scream-worthy, haunted house attractions to check out. Charlie Bookout tells us that Carpenter’s Mortuary Spook House is unique in that it occupies a historic 1929 building that once actually served as the Funeral Home for Gentry, Arkansas. Below is a list of Top 15 Most Haunted Places In The World (America’s Real Ghosts Houses Photo & Spooky Story). However, when the Fall chill of October hits the air, this once charming rural acreage becomes a sinister setting for soul seeking ghouls to prey upon the living. This haunted attraction definitely supports the claim that Texas haunted houses are the best in the country. The Enigma Haunt Triple Ticket of Terror is an absolute must for any haunted attraction junkie! Runner Up: Acres of Terror in Leonard, ND. Look for a quick escape inside the Midnight Mortuary House! For 2019 this award-winning haunted attraction is going all out with a theme dubbed “Midnight Falls.”  A fictional town trapped in 1985, haunt-goers have their pick among some of the most terrifying frights out there! © 2019 FrightFind, All Rights Reserved. Try your luck at escaping the Roadkill Ranch open-air maze while being pursued by bloodthirsty demons! Can you survive the blackout maze? Prepare yourself for the biggest screaming season in Haunted history. Be prepared for mutated monsters and gore! Spread out over five acres, Nightmare at Gravity Hill in Jackson literally has a fright for everyone. Well…there are many that claim this place is *actually* haunted. The real world seems scary enough these days. Find the Best Haunted Houses in The World and Across America rated and reviewed by Hauntworld.com. Psycho Path of Tulsa is one dedicated haunt, so much so that it even offers other special haunted events throughout the year. Set inside the real Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, the Asylum is taking that haunted attraction experience to a whole new and disturbing level. Paired alongside amusement park rides, Frightland spares no expense when it comes to thrilling and terrifying horror park fans. Over forty acres of bloodthirsty haunted attraction action highlight what is the largest haunt in the entire state of Oklahoma. Ever thought, "What are the best haunted ... we've rounded up the most haunted places in America that you ... this French Quarter fixture gets referred to by locals simply as the "Haunted House." Ranked #6 Scariest Haunted Attraction by U.S. City Traveler, Frightmare Manor in Knoxville is the most notorious haunted attraction in all of Eastern Tennessee. Silent Evil has you fleeing in terror around the haunted traps of an already evil magician turned serial killer. It's the season of scares and while haunted houses certainly aren't for everyone there's no doubt Americans love themselves some spooky attractions around Halloween.Here we'll rank some of the nation's best and by Runner Up:  The Dead End Hayride in Wyoming, MN. Special attention here on the wildly realistic demonic special effects. FrightFind It: Fearlandia in Portland, OR Clocking in at over a mile long, Dead North is the ultimate farmland in terror. This is a horror lovers’ dream come true! So grab yer shipmates, and get ready for an evening of horrors unchained at Pirates of Emerson this Fall! KillGore’s 3D Circus is the most frightening show under the big top that will have the severed body parts flying. Fear Itself is considered by many industry experts to be the Best Haunted House in Indiana, as well as one of the Best Haunted Houses in the Michigan area. 2019’s Halloween season is upon us and we here at FrightFind want to make sure that you and your friends have a wickedly, scared out of your mind, body, and soul, haunted house attraction experience like no other. Step in something wet? Disfigured psychopaths give chase to unsuspecting attraction goers. ... ©2019 America Haunts, representing the best Halloween attractions in America unless noted otherwise. Find the latest horror movie news, reviews, content, horror events, gatherings, and more here. Five haunted attractions equal five times the fear and Factory of Terror is cranking it out by the hearse-load! Fan reviews of this haunted attraction crowd-pleaser have documented that even the most seasoned veteran of such frights have tapped out midway through this march into madness. These mesmerizing ladies perform every night, so you can’t miss them! Nashville Nightmare is consistently ranked as one of the best haunted houses in the nation, and for good reason. Destination Haunt…horror with every turn! If you're looking for a haunted place or attraction to visit near you, check out these real-life haunted houses, hotels, hospitals, prisons, restaurants, and more across the country. And in fact, many haunted house magazines have named Fear Itself to be one of America's Best Haunted Houses ! Located in Hernando, the Cedar Hill Farm during the year is a lovely wedding and reception locale. Undertakers, Morticians and Grave Diggers, oh my! Built in 1796 by General David Bradford, Myrtles Plantation is considered to be one of America's most haunted sites. But enough waiting – Prepare yourselves for FrightFind’s must-see haunts in every state – 2019! Best Haunted Attraction (2019) Erebus Haunted Attraction named best in U.S. Michigan haunted house features four floors of scares After countless battles against the darkness, the lights finally went out and a dragon appeared that summoned demons to reside in every chamber of the layout here. Need that Walking Dead fix? Located on a plot of 60 acres in North Carolina’s Kersey Valley, Spookywoods has it all — haunted houses, haunted trails, “monster laser tag,” you name it. FrightFind It: Misery Haunted House in Berlin, WI Runner Up: The Darkside Haunted Estates in Middlesex, NC, More Top Haunted Houses in North Carolina. Ranked Florida’s #1 Haunted Attraction and USA Today’s Reader’s Choice Top 20 Haunt in the entire U.S., Enigma Haunt is critically acclaimed and brutally terrifying! For those on the search for hair-raising chills, a run-of-the-mill haunted house — a creepy clown, store-bought severed limbs, zombies with a smear or two of fake blood — just won’t cut it. This is definitely a one-stop shop when it comes to fear! Can you survive this forthcoming flood of fright? . Creeping into its fourth year as Boise’s premier haunted indoor attraction, the Requiem Haunted House is a multilevel fear factory for the wannabe fearless. Turn corners and try your best to not get trapped by some of the most demonically shaped monsters to be found this side of Hell itself. Dodge them if you can, but let it be known some of the most psycho-possessed demon clowns prowl about this haunt seeking to steal your soul. >>> Top 10 Best & Most Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations in The World 2019 – 2020 <<< Top 15 Most Haunted Places In The World (America’s Real Ghosts Houses Photo & Spooky Story) 15. When Halloween comes around, scary haunted house attractions open up. For 2019 they are serving up not one, but two haunted attractions for the price of one giving horror fans a double dose of what is to be surefire misery. Runner Up: Darkside Haunted House in Calverton, NY. Haunted Hayride takes you and your friends on the deepest and darkest journey into the night where a demented assortment of redneck pig butchers, psycho clowns, and demonic creatures of the night await your every turn. Do not miss this amazing, multi-attraction event! Darkness Unleashed is a special night when there’s no light at Haunted Fort and you have to endure the many terrors of the night in total darkness. This haunting attraction is home of the SCARIEST haunted hayride and trail we’ve ever encountered. In fact, the south is full of great spots! This giant outdoor attraction has you twisting your way through a patchy cornfield maze where you could be a victim to any soulless ghoul hiding among the darkened rows. Find hundreds of haunted house, haunted hayrides, corn mazes, and Halloween events near you at www.hauntworld.com Get ready for goosebumps when you visit the most haunted places in America. The actors are top-notch! And the Fear Fall makes it hard for you to jump, but once you do, you’ll feel like you actually jumped off of a building! Published on Aug 29, 2019 The Darkness is listed as the best haunted house in America, the scariest, most intense experience ever. Six sinister attractions await even the most unsuspecting of veteran haunt goers. “THE STRANGERS 2: PREY AT NIGHT” will knock on doors March 9, 2018! //

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