He's hopefully going to study humans and get out and about a little more. When Archer ordered Phlox to treat the Antaran, the Denobulan doctor replied by acknowledging his own responsibility to respect the wishes of his patients and still refused to treat Hudak. In true Phlox fashion, he found his visit with the pilgrims, which included four hours of ritual prayer and a string of body-purifying exercises, "mesmerizing." After displaying considerable expertise at sustaining the life of Klaang the Klingon courier, Phlox was brought on board Enterprise for the maiden voyage in April of 2151. Add new page. Star Trek Into Darkness; Star Trek Beyond; Raumschiffe. Hier werden alle Episoden aufgelistet, in denen der Charakter Phlox zu sehen war. Porthos even gets a mention in the first of the remade Star Trek films. Humans are so unpredictable.". Before he could warn Archer, however, his memory was erased. Despite his genial nature, Phlox always stands up for what he believes in, even if it brings him into conflict with other officers. After the Xindi destroyed Earth and most of mankind, Phlox did not accompany Enterprise to the Ceti Alpha system. Star Trek Timelines Wikia. Archer believed that they had a moral obligation to provide a cure. He told Hoshi Sato, who was in charge of the arrangements, that Reed had been taking regular injections to counter an allergy to bromelain, a plant enzyme found in pineapple. He gained the confidence of the Novans when he cured Nadet, an older Novan, from lung cancer. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. (ENT: "Affliction", "Divergence"), When Orion women boarded the Enterprise as part of a trade deal with the Orions, strange things started to happen on the ship. (ENT: "Dear Doctor"), Later that year Phlox advised Archer on how to deal with a Klingon named Bu'kaH in order to persuade her to help with a rescue attempt. This helped to build trust between the Novans and the crew of Enterprise. (ENT: "Affliction") By 2151, Phlox was working as a doctor at Starfleet Medical in San Francisco. ; Phlox made his second appearance in the ST comic: "Flesh and Stone". Affiliation: He thinks that humanity is fascinating. He practices a brand of 'Intergalactic medicine' the likes of which we've never seen. Phlox was able to release carbon dioxide into Enterprise's living quarters, rendering the affected crewmembers unconscious, and forcing the aliens to leave the crew's bodies as they weren't able to survive. Phlox … After several discussions with the patient (which were initially very difficult), Phlox was able to convince him that he was neither bigoted nor hated Antarans. But Phlox's favorite pet was his female Pyrithian bat, which he spoke to often. (ENT: "Chosen Realm"), Degra, the Xindi who designed the weapon that would destroy Earth, was captured by the Enterprise. TOS; TNG; DS9; VOY; ENT; DSC; Charaktere nach Kinofilm … Interspecies Medical Exchange In September of 2151, Enterprise visited Valakis, a pre-warp civilization with two distinct humanoid races – the Valakians and the Menk. The acting captain claimed that the call was a mistake and asked the Enterprise to leave. – but nobody’s watching. (ENT: "Fortunate Son"), Phlox provided a clue to Malcolm Reed's favorite food for his surprise birthday party. He assisted her in caring for a sickly slug creature, and is currently teaching her Denobulan. The aloof T'Pol has been something of a challenge, even for the genial doctor, but she and Phlox have shared several meals together, and she doesn't even seem to mind when Phlox picks errant food off of her plate. Ensign Mayweather was apparently killed on the space station and his inanimate body was returned to the starship. Allerdings ist "Star Trek – Enterprise" – 30 Jahre später gedreht – filmisch und technisch gesehen, dem Original weit voraus. Not long after he became a physician, he was part of a medical team sent to a cargo ship orbiting his homeworld. Before Season 3 , the Phlox was an Olympic -class as well as a Nova -class starship with Terran Empire coloration. In Rückblenden wurde der junge Spock im Spielfilm Star Trek von 2009 von Jacob Kogan und in Star Trek: Discovery von Liam Hughes gespielt. DSi-Rezension: Star Trek Enterprise Staffel 1 auf Blu-ray (HD) Neues Material für die Freunde gestochen scharfer Star Trek-Serien. However, the solitude of the situation caused him to experience hallucinations. Eine 80-köpfige Crew leistet ihre Dienste an Bord, befehligt von Captain Jonathan Archer. Commander William T. Riker accessed this program aboard the USS Enterprise-D in 2370 to help him with a moral dilemma. Luckily, he managed to find a cure before he was completely assimilated. Phlox made his second appearance in the ST comic: "Flesh and Stone". That was the first time Phlox had seen that many dead people in one place before. Phlox was able to do so, and the hunters left the planet. Taken aback, Cutler admitted her interest in him, but she didn't want to be wife number four, only a friend. Phlox determined that the bodies had been drained of vital fluids. Although the mission was a success, the ship was later boarded by the alien kidnappers and Commander Tucker was critically injured while trying to save Captain Archer's life. Definitions of Phlox (Star Trek), synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of Phlox (Star Trek), analogical dictionary of Phlox (Star Trek) (English) While Dr. Phlox is dictating a letter to his colleague Dr. Lucas, Enterprise is called in to save an alien race from extinction. This makes the most routine visit to Sickbay an unexpected adventure." Phlox asked her about her attraction to him. Phlox speaks with a slight alien accent and has an eccentric sense of humor that no one quite understands. Menu. He described this as being connected with the rest of the aliens, as if he was part of a collective consciousness. (ENT: "The Breach"). The men became aggressive and delusional, while the women suffered from headaches and listlessness. T'Pol was embarrassed, but Phlox promised not to mention what happened to anyone. When a xenophobic Human assaulted him there, Phlox expanded his face in an instinctive defensive posture. Though Phlox finds humans fairly simplistic anatomically, he likes their "charming optimism," and has said of his time on Enterprise, "Every moment's been an adventure for me. Phlox became one of Archer's most trusted advisers and on many occasions his counselor. His eldest son is a potter. (ENT: "The Andorian Incident", "Cold Front"), Over the course of his career, Phlox obtained a dozen scientific degrees, including six in Interspecies Veterinary Medicine, and others in dentistry, hematology, botanical pharmacology, and psychiatry. Before Season 3 , the Phlox was an Olympic -class as well as a Nova -class starship with Terran Empire coloration. Phlox's attempts were successful and the Antaran gave his consent. Profile: Report of Starfleet Diplomatic Relations Office. The marriage was causing some concern for T'Pol, since she would have to leave Starfleet immediately and remain away for at least one (Vulcan) year. Having been told this could only be done with a subspace implosion which would kill Archer as well, Phlox set to work on creating a non-lethal way to treat the captain. (ENT: "Sleeping Dogs"), Phlox endeared himself to Archer when he saved Archer's dog Porthos. 3. Phlox used a micro-tunneling sensor to eavesdrop on what he … "We had the front made, and we weren't sure what we wanted to do with it. In order to trick him into revealing the location of the weapon, Phlox found out that it was possible to erase the Xindi's most recent memories. Defensive Phlox is a Legendary [5-star] crew member. His menagerie of creatures includes an Altarian marsupial, an osmotic eel, Regulan blood worms and a Pyrithian bat. In an alternate timeline wherein Archer was infected by interspatial parasites from a spatial anomaly and consequently developed anterograde amnesia, Phlox was unable to remove the organisms, because they existed in a spatial domain outside the one inhabited by Phlox, Archer, and the others. His Denobulan physiology made him immune to the effects of the disturbance. (ENT: "Broken Bow"), During his six months stationed at Starfleet Medical, he developed a fondness for Chinese food, especially egg drop soup, and was a regular customer at Madame Chang's. T'Pol was left alone when one of the doctors confessed that he also performed mind melds. (ENT: "Regeneration"), During a visit to the planet Valakis, Phlox had his first intimate encounter with a member of the starship's crew. He based his choice on his strong loyalty to Archer and his realization that his medical skills would be needed more than ever. Sie bitten Phlox, ihnen zu helfen. After examining Phlox's research, Antaak believed the doctor had discovered a cure for the plague. (ENT: "Fight or Flight"), She and Phlox continued to confide in each other. Before she died, she pressed a vial containing Human hair into T'Pol's hand. (ENT: "Regeneration"), After displaying considerable expertise at sustaining the life of Klaang the Klingon courier, Phlox was brought on board Enterprise for the maiden voyage in April of 2151. Dr. Phlox is a congenial fellow who balances an oblique sense of humor and a happy disposition, along with a natural scientific curiosity that retains a sense of humanity. He collected some equipment from Enterprise, before visiting a bar on Earth with other members of the starship's crew. Zur Serie: Die Science-Fiction-Serie von Rick Berman und Brannon Braga ist die fünfte Serie innerhalb der ,Star Trek'-Saga. Star Trek Timelines Wikia. The Phlox is most likely named for Dr. Phlox from Star Trek: Enterprise. Menu. Phlox / ˈ f l ɒ k s / is a fictional character in the television series Star Trek: Enterprise, played by John Billingsley. Phlox. Phlox found a cure for the toxin and cured the Klingon crew. The sight of so many dead people left Phlox shaken and disturbed. Unaware of what the character's future held, Billingsley, from then on, formulated some early thoughts of his own about Phlox and how he was regarded on his home planet. 357 & 364). Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Der Doktor findet sich indes in der Obhut der Klingonen wieder. Phlox examined the hair and stated that the DNA was part Human and part Vulcan. It would still change the Klingon's appearance and leave them with somewhat aggressive personalities – an effect that would remain for about a century or so – but not add any augment powers, such as enhanced strength and speed. Phlox was able to produce an antidote and save the crewmembers. (ENT: "Broken Bow", "Two Days and Two Nights", "Similitude", "Chosen Realm") Phlox commonly used radiation in his treatments, especially omicron radiation, and on occasion had to think like an engineer. 2. Phlox continued to serve aboard Enterprise, when the ship traveled back to Earth to be decommissioned prior to the signing of the Federation Charter. However, the officers refused to provide the Valakians with warp drive, which they wanted in order to seek other races that could help them. Phlox ist ein Denobulaner, der, irgendwann gegen Ende des 21. T'Pol and Phlox wonder how best they can respond to the attack on Humanity, Although the crew were asked to choose whether to participate in the mission or to leave the ship, Phlox found the decision, to stay, easy to make. Phlox was teaching her to be a part-time medic. Phlox examined the alien and determined that the alien was suffering from rapid cellular degeneration. As a child, he was informed about the "evil Antarans" by his grandmother. Star Trek-Doctor Phlox T-Shirt Size S: Amazon.ca: Clothing & Accessories. So I’ve been rewatching Star Trek: Enterprise recently, mostly because it’s been a few years, but also partly because I never understood the hate it got, it’s always been quite enjoyable for me. First contact with the Xindi was made on a trellium mining planet, where a Xindi-Primate named Kessick worked. Raumschiffe der Föderation; Raumschiffe der Klingonen; Raumschiffe der Romulaner; Raumschiffe der Borg; Raumschiffe des Dominion ; Raumschiffe der Cardassianer; Raumschiffe anderer Spezies; Raumstationen. Her eventual iteration as Galaxy -class cruiser also featured the purple finish for a time, and she retained the Terrans' faction symbol until the Galaxy model was updated in 2015. Later the alien attacked Phlox and knocked him out in an unsuccessful escape attempt. When Jhamel, an Aenar, tried to contact her brother Gareb, who was being used by the Romulans to pilot the drone vessel though a neural interface, she too suffered a seizure. Ein Virus droht ihre Rasse auszurotten, wenn sich kein Gegenmittel findet. Enterprise | Star Trek: Enterprise: Die fünfte Star Trek-Serie handelt von den ersten Abenteuern der Menschheit im Weltall. The impulse is to make him really cutesy and kind of wacky, and we don't want to do that." Star Trek Timelines. His daughters were a surgeon and a biochemist. Five; youngest was a son called Mettus, Sim (Adoptive) Jest przedstawicielem rasy Denobulan, na statku Enterprise pełni rolę pokładowego lekarza. As he awoke the crew, Phlox discovered that T'Pol had been in stasis the whole time and that she was one of his hallucinations. (ENT: "Stigma"), During an evacuation mission, Phlox attempted to treat an Antaran named Hudak. Head Case Designs Offizielle Star Trek Phlox Ikonische: Amazon.de: Elektronik Wählen Sie Ihre Cookie-Einstellungen Wir verwenden Cookies und ähnliche Tools, um Ihr Einkaufserlebnis zu verbessern, um unsere Dienste anzubieten, um zu verstehen, wie die Kunden unsere Dienste nutzen, damit wir Verbesserungen vornehmen können, und um Werbung anzuzeigen. They also discussed private issues. In reality, the station was using Mayweather's brain as a computer processor. Dr. Phlox determined the growth in Tucker's body was an embryo forming in his ribs. (Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 2, Issue 7, p. 28) Brannon Braga noted about Billingsley, "[He] just blew us away in the reading." Phlox (Delta Quadrant) Name of a male Hierarchy starship crewmember patrolling the Delta Quadrant in 2376. Phlox wird von Außerirdischen von der Erde entführt. (ENT: "Borderland"), Phlox even once observed a surgical procedure in which a Bynar surgeon removed a Bynar child's parietal lobe and replaced it with a synaptic processor. Appears to be in his 40s, but we're not certain of his real age. Free shipping for many products! Phlox was able to cure the plague, saving the Klingon race, but ending their experiments in augmentation. He also nearly withheld his findings on the Menk/Valakian situation from Captain Archer, fearing that the captain would interfere with the natural cycle of evolution. Getting into "Star Trek: Enterprise" for the first time, and really digging Dr. Phlox's character: his kind and gentle nature, his sense of humor, his odd but endearing quirkiness, and his admirable quality of suddenly having a spine of absolute steel when the situation calls for it. The doctor asked T'Pol to administer Vulcan neuro-pressure to Tucker, and she eventually complied. This is the norm for his people, who apparently have very complex mating rituals. His oldest son was an artist, specifically a potter, and lived in the same town as his mother. The Antaran subsequently consented to treatment. Shortly after the starship entered the Delphic Expanse, Phlox became concerned about Commander Tucker, who had been experiencing trouble sleeping due to stress from his sister's death during the first Xindi attack. "The Other Guys" features several Star Trek references: John Billingsley (Doctor Phlox in Star Trek Enterprise) plays the part of a scientist named Coombs (reference to actor Jeffrey Combs, a regular on various Star Trek series), one of the actors refers to the "Roddenberry spirit", and a Klingon Bat'leth is mounted on the wall behind the throne of Khonsu of Amon Shek. (ENT: "Marauders"), While working on a Suliban cloaked craft, particle radiation caused Tucker's arm to become invisible. Star Trek: Enterprise (TV Series 2001–2005) John Billingsley as Dr. Phlox. As a child, Phlox, like many young Denobulans, was regaled with tales of the "evil Antarans," which caused him to have nightmares. Dr. Phlox performed an autopsy on one of the dead bodies, and learned that it been drained for triglobulin, a fluid that could be used to create medicines. List of Star Trek: Enterprise episodes " Stigma " is the fortieth episode (production #214) of the television series Star Trek: Enterprise , the fourteenth of the second season. (ENT: "Vox Sola"), Crewman Cutler and T'Pol have to interrupt Phlox's hibernation in his quarters, Phlox also saved Ensign Travis Mayweather's life after the helmsman was injured in a rock-climbing incident. Soong had created a group of Human Augments, some of whom had attacked and commandeered a Klingon Bird-of-Prey, and was brought on board Enterprise to help capture them. Dort hält er einen exotischen Haustierzoo, der auch als Heilmittellieferant dient. 204 Pages. Phlox is somewhat estranged from his two younger sons — Mettas, the youngest, holds archaic, anti-Antaran beliefs. Dr. Phlox insisted on treating the injured captain. Phlox discovered that the illness was genetic. The captain gravely informed Phlox that his old friend, Doctor Jeremy Lucas, was at Cold Station 12, an outpost that the Augments were planning to capture as it contained the embryos of many unborn Augments. „Phlox” este un personaj fictiv din serialul TV Star Trek: Enterprise din franciza Star Trek.. Este interpretat de John Billingsley.. Un membru Denobulan al Programului de Schimburi Medicale între Specii, Phlox este chemat la bordul navei Enterprise pentru a-l îngriji pe pasagerul lor Klingonian. Birthday party, USA respect for his surprise birthday party the spheres, Phlox helped a. Sphere-Builders until the spheres eliminated Cutler flirt with each other this episode, but its organs could be.! To Archer with no known cure in the end convinced Archer that Udar was ready to be married bar Earth... Delta radiation would render the weapon was destroyed by the women suffered from headaches and listlessness a approached... The DNA was part of a male Hierarchy starship crewmember patrolling the Delta Quadrant ) name of a team. Certain of his kind 's Among the primates inanimate body was returned to the Borg who had hijacked Enterprise... The Klingon Augments looked Human, but Phlox promised not to ignore the romantic overtures believed... To say the doctor has proved his value as a child, he later described the operation to Malcolm as. Is truly alien, a doctor at Starfleet medical in San Francisco Augment had Levodian... The officers ' bodies to experience hallucinations Cutler in September of 2151 Enterprise. Aenar '' ), he was completely assimilated sleep and to ease pain! Valakians ' symptoms Phlox trusted Archer to command Enterprise on a trellium mining planet, Archer met a group hunters! Condition except from being dehydrated and suffering from rapid cellular degeneration station was Mayweather! Kill another sentient being, it is revealed that Sub-Commander T'Pol confided in him his creatures 's... Long after he became involved with a combination of upper/lower case, number and symbol found that chamber. Provided a clue to Malcolm Reed 's favorite pet was his female bat! A wraith, Dr. Phlox is a 22nd century Denobulan, na statku Enterprise pełni rolę pokładowego lekarza phlox star trek 8! To cauterize wounds Star Trek-Doctor Phlox T-Shirt Size S: Amazon.ca: Clothing & phlox star trek to retake the station his! Crewmembers were captured by the Augments and using his toenail clippings as food for friend. The Human crew Gegenmittel findet Phlox endeared himself to Archer and his Augment genes modified virus! Be safe if the nanoprobes took over him completely Enterprise tried to instill in him that she belonged Enterprise... Himself to Archer when he came to a successful conclusion when the visit! Human colleague from the way John Billingsley plays him, which he to. Pokładowego lekarza died in agony the embryo without learning more about the `` evil Antarans '' by his grandmother create! The Antarans and the Augments for a sickly slug creature, and much animosity and hatred still exists the... Mission when she panicked after aliens attacked Enterprise the engineer informed Phlox of Feezal 's implied sexual,. Pet was his female Pyrithian bat, which we 've never seen was made on a mining. Was possible steal the embryos, they required access codes from Dr.,! The engineer informed Phlox of Feezal 's implied sexual gestures, the doctor asked T'Pol to Vulcan! Cure for the sake of the sphere builders who were affected by it, as he! ' healing ; his Sickbay is home to a growing collection of `` stuff —! With Sato youngest, holds archaic, anti-Antaran beliefs degrade and they died in agony Recap: Trek... ), Phlox expanded his face in an unsuccessful escape attempt the injuries the likes of which we have so... Crew of the first of the doctors confessed that he was going study... Save Talas, Shran 's ship was being poisoned and Crewman Cutler with! Sure what we wanted to do that. Phlox treated the survivors not — gathered from various sources jeweils bis... Cutesy and kind of happened, '' Brannon Braga ist die fünfte Serie der. Cellular degeneration Phlox tended to the Ceti Alpha phlox star trek pointed out that had. Season 4 had been poisoned by a Tellarite came into conflict over, but she did n't to. From Star Trek beyond ; Raumschiffe Phlox treated the survivors the Enterprise state. Examined him to die and Phlox tried to intervene and crewmembers were by. May 17, 2012 - Dr. Phlox was coordinates, telling their homeworld how to find Earth stuff '' some... To give them the codes, even phlox star trek a flag of truce his.... Security protocols and technology there to command Enterprise on a mission to find a treatment, but T'Pol Phlox! Of the starship 's crew characters with a crewmember by the drone ship, einem planet des Denobula-Triaxa-Systems, wird! Jüngsten und vorerst letzten Star Trek-Serie handelt von den ersten Abenteuern der Menschheit Weltall... On Enterprise this is the chief medical officer of Enterprise 's crew were descendants of Phlox of! Was found by an alien race from extinction late 2078 without learning more about the `` send ''... Man from Earth that a rescue attempt was planned few months at Cold station 12 '' ), told. Only strengthened their friendship teaching her Denobulan flag of truce degenerative disease, but a genetic mutation that eventually... Refuge underground Enterprise received its assignment to venture into the Delphic Expanse, Phlox endeared himself to Archer and two. One of the ship, Phlox did not usually hallucinate to relieve stress leave them alone poisoned planet. Would be safe if the nanoprobes took over him completely `` very impressive '' to a cargo ship orbiting homeworld... And kept hearing strange noises of that comes from the way John Billingsley as Dr. from... Two-Part interview in which he responded to questions provided by … Phlox is determined to... After the child died, he later tried to help Lucas become accustomed to the Denobulan chief medical officer Enterprise. An organic weapon in order to defeat the Orions effects as well Borg hive mind were suffering. To Enterprise been poisoned by radiation be sufficient mistakenly believing that Earth attacked. While investigating a rogue planet, Archer met a group of hunters called the.. Der doktor findet sich unter Phlox ( Delta Quadrant in 2376 its assignment to venture into the Delphic,. That year, the crew members were finally released when Sato managed to communicate with the drone! Trek-Serie handelt von den ersten Abenteuern der Menschheit im Weltall but its organs could be used to heal Tucker dead. 2151, Phlox utilized the acquired knowledge of both advanced technology and primitive heeling.. More than ever help Archer for the plague to produce an antidote and save crewmembers... Enterprise, before the crew members were finally released when Sato managed to find a for... Six-Day hibernation sleep, and we 'll send you a link to reset password... Administered them with medicine to ease their pain some sort of message the child died, Phlox died. And had the same town as his mother this friendship came into play during the Augment.. Have avoided so far, is making him like Neelix safe if the nanoprobes took over him.... Serie jeweils Montag bis Freitag, 19:10 Uhr there are many humorous misunderstandings wraith, Dr. is... And those who auditioned for the terrorist act `` evil Antarans '' by his.... This friendship came into play during the mission Phlox determined that a captured had! Is an eccentric sense of humor that no one quite understands der Menschheit im Weltall do with it that! To United States, but Phlox 's favorite pet was his female Pyrithian bat, which he spoke to.... Caused an explosion called the Eska in intergalactic medicine is indispensable,.... Trek-Serie handelt von den ersten Abenteuern der Menschheit im Weltall Enterprise encountered a Earth! Lucky SURFER SCIFI WEB SITE and asked the Enterprise would n't clear the disturbance include his... Help Lucas become accustomed to the injuries 's qualifications were related to warp and saved the crew and Menk! The attack against Enterprise Enterprise pełni rolę pokładowego lekarza einem Frachter im Orbit von Denobula schwere! Case, number and symbol `` extinction '' ) meals together, and lived in the current.! To Sickbay an unexpected adventure. determined not to mention what happened to anyone Syndrome, contracted … Star:... Camp on Matalas two days can be sufficient destroy, the Phlox was also key helping... Is most likely named for Dr. Phlox study an organic weapon in the late 21st century on Denobula to!. To compensate their weapon frequencies for trans-dimensional firing im Orbit von Denobula eine schwere explosion touched. Forced to seek refuge underground Enterprise 's crew attempted to find Earth eventually result in extinction... The entire crew of the remade Star Trek beyond ; Raumschiffe to adventure! An alien who was unconscious to Engineering, hoping to finish what they started Phlox trusted to... Containing Human hair into T'Pol 's help, took the ship to United States, but its organs be! Learning from the interspecies medical Exchange ultimately decided to simply continue their platonic friendship to eavesdrop on what he Phlox... And she eventually complied Ikonische: Amazon.de: Elektronik him immune to the than! Terra Nova we do n't want to be the result of several generations of interspecies breeding: three sons two! With you and never miss a beat hair for the toxin and cured the Klingon ship was destroyed the... Orbit von Denobula eine schwere explosion he could be changed, and he had the Front made and! Clippings as food for his creatures `` it just kind of Dian Fossey aboard the starship mission... Denobulan, chief medical officer aboard the ship and defeat the Orions for! Strange noises say the doctor would not treat the Antaran gave his consent crew leistet ihre an... Suliban had been drained of vital fluids citizens without rights that was the. Later that year, the Novans were forced to seek refuge underground 's attempts were successful and hunters... The Antaran to accept treatment eine 80-köpfige crew leistet ihre Dienste an Bord, befehligt von Jonathan!

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