Dear Tory Lowe,

It has been a little over four months now since I reached out to you. I want to thank you and let you know how grateful my family and I are to have you involved with getting justice for Junior. I dont believe Juniors story would have even made it to the media if it wasnt for you, and your followers.

Junior was beaten by four individuals on July 1st in Wausau with baseball bats. Junior came home the middle of August after having brain surgery, and rehabilitation for his broken kneecap from the beating.


First, we are blessed to still have him here with us. It has not been a easy road and he still has a long road ahead of him. School for him has been a slow start with him going to school for two hours a day. We have been busy with all of his other therapy appointments and learning the “New” Junior.

During the investigation I felt like the detective on the case was more worried about the events two days after my sons attack than he was about getting justice for my son. I contacted Wausau Pilot and Review on Facebook about a week later since nothing had even been mentioned about my sons attack and nobody was in custody.

I later found the lady who saved my sons life that night, and learned that a police officer was on the next block during my sons attack but turned his lights on and went the opposite direction according to someone who lives in the neighborhood where everything took place.

I contacted Tory Lowe and he came to Wausau, Wisconsin to do interviews with the people who saved my sons life. I was notified almost two weeks after my sons attack that there were four individuals involved and one of the boys looked up on his phone how long he would get in prison for murder before going to the neighborhood my son was in. One of the other boys is the son of Captain Rob Dickerson from Everest Metro Police Department.


It all started to make sense why I didn’t and still dont feel like my son is getting Justice. I was told by the detective that all four would be charged with first degree intentional attempted homicide. That never happened and in fact they are charged with child abuse causing great bodily harm and use of a dangerous weapon.

The 911 audio states they had to RSI the patient and that means the medics had to intubate my son. Them four boys took my sons life. I will not stop until i get Justice for Junior.Please continue Praying for Junior and our family. Thank you for all of the shares, prayers and just the concerns in general we appreciate it.

Kelly Garduno

👑: Please continue to share Junior’s story. This family deserves justice. Keep Junior in your Prayers.🙏🏾


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  • Them boy’s should be charged just like anyone else would be. Child abuse my @ss!

  • Janet

    I believe they should be charged with attempted murder. This is not child abuse. Put these 4boys away for Life it’s time we stop this.

    • Child abuse is an adult abusing a minor, not attempting to kill (murder) or kill. There’s a need for better guidelines for police when writing an arrest. They will write manufacturing of schedule this n that in a drug possession case if someone has taken X amount of a drug and separated it into smaller quantities. However, as in this case, knowing one of the perpetrators is the son of a law enforcement officer, they write “child abuse”??????? Absolutely wrong.

  • Betty Ash

    They should be charged with attempted murder… when will this denial of this type of crap be stopped?? I am sick of the bullying and worse… cover up!!! It needs to stop!

    • Laurel Butts

      Yes they should be tried for attempted murder! That is the only way we are going to beable to stop some of this stuff! It doesn’t help to just slap them on the hand! 4 assholes!!! They need to be put away for good! Such a terrible thing! So sorry for you and your son!

  • Carrie Selander

    I don’t understand why these 4 teens are not being charged with attempted homicide. I have never heard of anyone receiving child abuse charges for a beating this brutal. They 4 young men beat him with baseball bats! They knew that could kill someone. Case in point, I asked my 12 year old what he thought would happen if he beat someone with a baseball bat, he said it would probably kill them. Junior will never be the same son, brother, grandson, nephew, or friend. Our justice system is better than this, and if it isn’t it needs to change!

  • Diane R Peters

    I hope these four teens are punished to the fullest extent, they have no right injuring anyone, this boy needs your prayers and hopes these kids are punished. Please share.

  • Ginger Schwartz

    My heart goes out to you…. Prayers for your beautiful son and family. These individuals should have to rot in prison!!!

  • If those 4 boys were Asian, African American, or Hispanic, this would likely have resulted in man slaughter charges and have made national news! White privilege at work here in my opinion!! Let’s do it right…prayers for all and their families, especially Junior.

    • Nick

      One or two of them are Hispanic!!! Don’t pull that white privileged crap with this! It’s because one of the boys is the captains son!

    • Jackie Haas

      Actually no. November 2003 my son was attacked by multiple Hmong boys with metal baseball bats and a 2×4 with nails sticking out of it. My son had multiple brain hemorrhages, cracked temporal lobe, broken eye socket, multiple facial fractures, and a horizontal crack from behind his ear running along side of his face. Intubated and in a coma for two days. As he had lay on the ground these boys continued to hit his head. Thank goodness a police officer saw this and came to the scene. The boys took off running and even left their car idling in the middle of the street. I have the typed record of the police detective’s interview and in the interview he states that he didn’t think this incident was gang related “because these are my boys.” No one ever questioned what the detective meant by that. Four boys were caught, all they recieved was an assult charge, probation, and one aggregated battery. Over one and a half years of court proceedings. While on probation one boy got caught with marijuana…it was then that he received jail time. But not for almost killing my son. This happened in Wisconsin also!

      • Anna

        Oh my god!! What is wrong with people?!?! I just can’t comprehend how our justice system will punish someone more severely for having marijuana than for attempted murder. HOW?! Who makes this shit up?! That is just SO f**ked up! Why hasn’t this changed?!
        My heart breaks for your son and for Junior. There will never be justice enough for people like you and your boys. 😭

    • Jake

      This is undoubtedly the stupidest comment I have read about this situation. I’m guessing you are a liberal. Sounds like liberal nonsense to me. Justice for Junior.

    • Cheryl, What exactly is white privilege? My white brother went to prison for ten years because of a traffic accident that took the life of a motorcyclist and he had to build every day of it. I don’t get the PC being bantered around lately.

  • Juli Croteau

    Justice for a Junior..I don’t care who these teens are or how old they are…they need to be punished by law..The police need to do their civic duty. The act committed on Junior was evil. Prayers a Nd God bless Junior. 🙏🏼

  • Ed Allen

    What was there motivation for this beating? junior must have done something to piss them off. They didn’t just say hay lets go beat this guy with bats for the fun of it.

    • Doesn’t matter they went too far. My son was bullied, pushed down 4 times and body slammed twice while everyone stood around at football practice and oohed and aahed, finally my son fought back hit the kid twice first hit broke his nose, second hit cleared him. My son was charged with battery because “they said he went to far” whatever Junior might have done noone ended up physically broken or damaged. “They went too far”

    • Tara

      What could he have possibly done to deserve being almost beat to death with bats? Your comment is shameful.

    • Valerie

      What could he have done to possibly deserve a 4 on 1 fight let alone with baseball bats??

    • Nancy Boeck

      People today will beat the crap out of anyone just because! Why does the public always blame the victim? I don’t care if he did do something– I was taught better as a child and these kids are old enough to know right from wrong and beating someone with a bat is wrong!!

    • David Bryant

      Whatever Junior did he did not deserve to be nearly beaten to death you asshole!!!

    • Really? So if your child does something to piss someone off, he or she deserves a beating with 4 bats by 4 teenagers? The odds were already against this young boy., on top of that like the cowards they are needed bats. I hope your not a father cause, people with your kind of mentality is why we have so much dysfunction and destruction in the world.

    • Scott Beckwith

      You are kidding me? Something he did justified this?

    • That’s very disturbing! No matter what or if he did something, no one absolutely no one deserves this! WTH prayers to him and his family! And I hope justice is done! Lock them up! Next time it could mean a life! 🙏

    • Phil Kamrath

      Always 2 sides to an issue I agree…..but for 4 people to attack someone with bats, he had better drawn a gun on them first. Sounding pre-meditated. Unless they were coming home from baseball practice and just happened to be taking their bats home with them!

    • Nicole L. Esser

      It’s not always something the victim does! Kids these days are brats and DO do this type of stuff for “fun” and even if Junior “did something to piss them off” that is NO reason to beat him with bats to within an inch of his life and especially not with 4 against 1. It is NOT Junior’s fault for the stupid, bullying behavior of these 4 kids. I, as a mother and a teacher, stand with his mother that these kids need to be punished with attempted murder. My 9-year-old knew what would happen if someone was beaten with a bat and these kids knew exactly what they were doing and one even looked up how much time he would get before he did it – say premeditated!

    • Lisa

      What do you think justifies this kind of beating on a 15 year old?

    • Get Justice

      Troll somewhere else.

    • Amber

      Who cares? Nothing he did gives them the right to do what they did. Period.

    • Does that make it right? Jesus! Were you in on it too????

    • Jo jo

      It does not matter what led up to. They beat a kid with bats and left him brain damaged. Possibly crippled for life. And got zero charges. This lady needs to hire a lawyer and sue these monsters for the lifetime of medical care and lost wages this boy will never earn if the police will not do their job


      Your comment makes me really sad. I have seen people bully others for no apparent reason at all. Kids don’t tend to think about it until it happens but we need to teach them that there are consequences for their actions.

    • Gini

      That my friend, is the stupidest comment I have read!! Did you not see what they did to this boy??Do you not know the meaning of bullying?? Kids who are bullied don’t have to do anything!! They get bullied just because they don’t dress the way everyone else does or should I say, the way their bully thinks they should or because they look different, or they are not smart enough, or rich enough…must I go on!!?? It doesn’t matter what he did; if he did anything at all!! No one deserves to be treated this way!! The 4 boys who did this should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, I.e. attempted murder!! They knew exactly what they were doing and obviously knew it could put them in prison! I pray that these boys will be taught a lesson and are used as an example to other bullies!!! Bullying needs to be stopped, period!!!

    • Jean Pietrykowski

      It really doesn’t matter what Junior did. There is absolutely no reason to beat anyone with a baseball bat.

    • Shannon

      I am all for teaching our kids to work out their own problems and taught my own not to start fights, but if the fight is brought to them they have every right to defend themselves, but this does not appear to be that type of situation. I’m curious. Are you condoning 4 people, who obviously were not in immediate danger, premeditating finding a person and methodically beating them with multiple baseball bats? Also, you are incorrect, there are people out there lacking a moral compass who find great pleasure in causing someone else pain or inducing someone else to cause pain or harm to another person. Ever heard of Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, or Richard Ramirez? A sociopath is someone who has a conscience, but it is weak. They may feel remorse after doing something wrong, but it will not stop the behavior. A psychopath lacks a conscience and sees other people as objects to use for their own satisfaction. Sociopaths tend to be hot-headed, where psychopaths tend to be cold and calculating. Both either lack or find it difficult to feel empathy. A psychopath would tend to plan his intended violence and incite others to inflict it, where a sociopath would be set off or incited, possibly by a psychopath? We don’t know the particulars about the situation, but I find it hard to believe that at least one of these boys does not fit one of the descriptions above. People who blame the victim in a situation like this only encourage these events.

    • Luna Frey

      What the heck is wrong with you to ask such a question? No one deserves to be beat with bats. Sometimes homophobic racist assholea do shit like this for no reason. And really, it doesnt matter. What they did was so wrong!!

    • Jackie

      It should not matter if he might have pissed them off nobody has the right to beat anybody like that

    • NM

      Why assume he did something. Attacks like this take place many times just because the attackers don’t like someone Bullying started at a young age , from name calling , hitting , to beating and killing. In 99.99% of the time the victims done nothing wrong to deserve this treatment. Also we live in a county were we should be safe from harm Also it would have been in the news if this was an act of retaliation.

    • Kathy

      Even if he did, does that justify 4 of them trying to beat him to death with a baseball bat? If you really believe that, there is something horribly wrong with you, too!

    • Ack

      Way to blame the victim, scumbag.

    • Ed, It doesn’t matter if he was sleeping with their sister, for 4 boys to attack one boy with bats speaks to a much bigger problem with this situation. The only justification for an attack such as this is if Junior was caught red handed molesting a small child and it doesn’t sound like that was the case.

    • Jan Tana

      Blaming the victim. Ed, there is NO GOOD REASON to commit this crime.

    • Amy Leonhardt

      Doesn’t matter what (if) he pissed them off, 4 on 1 is not right! That is premeditated. They went armed with bats to do bodily harm or worse…death. They need to be charged as such.

    • Maggie

      Who tf cares what Junior did…..that’s irrelevant……them 4 little sissy ass bitches deserve the fullest punishment and the cops son piss on him he deserves no special treatment….this whole situation sucks!!! 🙏🙏🙏 FOR JUNIOR


      Open you eyes Ed Allen. Yes they did just say lets go beat this guy with bats. More than likely he was more of a man, and much smarter than either of these thugs, and that pissed them off…….

    • Linda

      Even if he pissed them off, they didn’t have to beat him nearly to death. It sounded to me like these little gangsters were looking for anybody to assault. One even checked his phone to see how much jail time he’d get for murder. Junior is a victim for being in his own neighborhood. Why do you feel it necessary to defend these gangsters?

  • Kari Compo

    I am 100% with the mom on this one!! Those boys are well old enough to be fully held accountable for what they did & even had the one not looked up “prison sentencing for murder”, what the hell other reason would a 4 on 1 attack bring aid of a bat for? They’re intentions are quite clear & it doesn’t matter who they are or where they came from, they need to face real consequences for their decisions & be made an example of.There is no excuse for why this young man isn’t receiving justice; why he and his family have been unjustly forced to reconstruct their whole lives (basically pay the consequences) when they never asked for it, while those 4 delinquents, aka free walking murderers, get the benefit of a doubt. Why are they shown mercy? Did they show Junior ANY MERCY when they beat him to death & walked away? Obviously not. This poor woman is heartbroken and haunted by the viol acts of 4 undisciplined menaces to society, whilst they walk free of ever having to feel guilt for what they’ve done. Something has to be done here!! Otherwise, what’s the point news media & such, including our elected justice system? The people elect those individuals whom they believe will do best at upholding the law and seek fair justice for the people by the people in the court of law, when wrongdoers violate the rights of others and the law. The people of that county should be outraged at the results of this incident! Their “elected official” chose to turn a blind eye towards seeking justice for this family, and they can bet that the same would/will be done if/when, God forbid, it’s their families that are forced to endure such tragedy at the hands of others. If this isn’t a perfect example of corrupt officials, then I don’t know what is. My advice? File a report against the judge with the State of Wisconsin’s Judicial Committee. Then go forth in suing those bastards and their families for all the turmoil (mental distress) and medical expenses they have caused. An eye for an eye…….. if you you can’t get fair justice from the government who’s job it is to do so, then you make damn sure those kids pay, one way or another.

  • Jay Braun

    Is there an address for Junior so we can send cards to him so he knows that he is loved by so many people and that we are on his side!! This can help with his recovery process and his families so they don’t feel alone

  • Tanya

    A similar incident occurred 15 years ago in New York State. The girl was killed. One of her close friends was my client who had serious issues as a result of the incident. If there is anyway I can help, please let me know!

  • Sheri

    Why aren’t they being charged with attempted murder? Who decides what the charges are? What is the legal procedure to change the charges? I am not sure sharing on social media will bring any changes. I will be sure to send prayers for Junior and his family

  • Tony

    Imagine that, the ‘good ol’ boy club’ lives strong in WI. doesn’t it? This is shameful that this mother has to play detective because another cop’s kid was involved. And law enforcement wonders why they can’t be trusted…Crooked cops will get what they got coming to them.

  • Penny Paulson

    This is awful! I do not know both sides of the story, but can’t.imagine that this was self defense or neccesary harm.
    I suspect that the boys involved have some regret and maybs even remorse.
    Again. This sounds like a much more.serious crime.

    • Janey

      Regrets or not you still have to pay the consequence attempted murder all the way. Have you lost all your common sense.

      • John

        Maybe everyone putting their 2 cents in should know the whole story and stop trying to group them all as if they all beat him…… ONE kid hit this poor kid with a bat. 2 of the others ran after his friend who ran…. (one of those kids being the chiefs son). They all did wrong by even going there with bats. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be punished for what roles they each had. To be so ignorant as to say they should all be locked up for life because on of the boys took it way too far….. The reason for what happened was for a drug deal gone wrong between the kid whom hit this poor kid and the kid whom got hit. That is My two cents after doing my research on the subject is the one who hit this poor kid should get punished to the fullest. The other 3 whom went with should get charged accordingly but not lose their lives due to a poor choice. DO YOUR RESEARCH is all I’m saying….

  • Tammy Yeager

    I believe them kids should be charged with attempted murder.why because he’s an officer’s child that he should get away with something that horrible. Something needs to be done. For if you did it to this child he will do it again and maybe this time he will kill them. And you may put this wherever you need to my name is Tammy Yeager and I believe these children should be charged with attempted murder.

  • Valerie Van Handel

    What a horrible situation your family has gone through. Those boys should go to jail for a very long time. How sad that they are working the system. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  • Keith

    Attempted murder fits. A piece of Pennsylvania Ash has killed before.

  • The state of Wisconsin should be investigating this hideous crime and cover up ! I don’t care who’s kid or young adult committed this crime. They and anyone involved in tampering with crime should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  • The state of Wisconsin should be investigating this hideous crime and cover up ! I don’t care who’s kid or young adult committed this crime. They and anyone involved in tampering with this crime should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Pattti Gurley

    Oh my were is the Justice.? They tried to kill thsi boy. This boy junior has to go through so much just to try to be back to were he was .kelly please keep fighting for him and the boys that caused this pain and suffering to your son.God Bless you.and your family.

  • I believe that they should be charged with attempted murder. If he would of died they probably still would of gotten a slap on the wrist. That is a bunch of SHIT!!!!!!

  • Elizabeth Schultz

    Wisconsin needs to lower the ”adult”‘ age down to “10” or “11” for serious crimes. Kids today know that they can plan and carry on adult crimes knowing that they are and will be charged as ”juveniles” and even if they murder someone, the most they get is jail till age 21. Time for the ”adults” to be treated as ”adults”!

  • Coleta

    Prayers are being set your way

  • Mickey Z

    Keeping you all in my prayers for strength, healing and justice. Go over their head department. Go to the state. Keep your voice strong and heard.

  • These 4 Young MEN!! should be charged with attempted Murder!!!!…..PERIOD!!
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family 🙏❤️

  • Stop these creepy guys before they are bigger, stronger, and have access to more dangerous weapons. They are already far old enough to know what they were doing at this age. I’ve been a victim of domestic violence that went unchecked because the abuser’s cousin was the responding officer. That man went on to nearly murder me later. Seriously- I do not trust police.

  • Kim

    Total waste of air!!!! We need to stop wasting tax payers money on crap like this!!!

  • Lisa

    If the kids who did the beating were of color, they would of had been in custody already! Child abuse, really, more like attempted murder. A bunch of spolied white kids getting away wirh it, and yet one of them being a cops kid go figure! Justice needs to be served. Bunch of cowards!!!

  • Janey

    I believe in eye for an eye. Let the boys family beat the s*** out of the four then see how the parents feel.

  • skc

    If they get away with this child abuse BS, sue them in civil court for every penny their parents have.

  • Kim Skanes Haney

    The only reason they are getting off so easy is because the one kid is a son of an officer. Makes it perfectly clear that they are protecting their own here and not the victim! Shame on the city of WAUSAU and the State of Wisconsin for not prosecuting to the fullest extent. May Karma find these boys and all involved, for what you’ve done.

  • Denise

    My heart hurts for you as a mother who gave life and nourish as a precious flower to flourish in life to been stricken down by evil acts of people. There is still more good than evil in people who are willing to risk there own lives to help others. I would pursue out of state for legal issues “Attorneys “who can practice in Wi. Prayers are with you and your family, God Bless

  • Kim Olson

    Go to the media and tell your story. It should put the PD on the spot so that they have to do something.

  • Jojo

    Parents should try contacting the state attorney general crime division and see if they can help. They need to hire a lawyer.

  • Sally w.

    This is not justice. The city major should be involved and help this family get justice for junior. This is not justice. These four boys should be charge with attempted murder. This is just outraged. My heart and prayers out to the victim’s family.

  • Frank Albarracin

    Attempted First Degree Murder!!! It was obviously planned and premeditated unless these guys just happen to carry bats around with them everywhere they go. Seems to me that the FBI should be involved to not only investigate the actions of the murderers, but the actions and in-actions of the police force and especially the district attorney and the Judge. I can probably guess why they bullied this kid and tried to kill him as I was bullied as a kid and its time to stand up to killers like that and the people who cover their crimes and send a message to other would be killers that its ok ,no one cares ….Well thats not true!!!alot of us care and are sickened and repulsed by this and its time to give this kid and his amazing Mom a voice and stand up for them and demand justice!!! Kelly and Junior ,my heart is breaking for you and Im going to pray for both of you and your family and for swift justice with no mercy. May God comfort you both and heal you and give you peace.

  • Scott

    I don’t know about Wisconsin, but in some states, child abuse is easier to prove in court and carries the same or more stringent penalties. That may be why they were charged with child abuse instead of attempted murder.
    As a detective I filed a burglary of a habitation on a suspect in an attempted rape. Why, because it was a first degree felony (5 to 99 years in prison) and attempted rape was a second degree felony (2 to 20 years in prison). The goal was to lock him up for as long as possible in my mind. And this suspect was facing 14 counts of aggravated sexual assault filed by me and a detective from the town next door.

    • Scott

      The rapist I wrote about got 14 life sentences for the sexual assaults plus 20 years for the burglary.
      So there may be a good reason why they chose to file child abuse instead of attempted murder.v

      • Anna

        Thanks for posting this, Scott. It’s a perspective that doesn’t seem to be known by most responders here, including myself. I hope this is the case, because that makes sense as opposed to the alternative. However, I would expect Junior’s mother would know the reason for the child abuse charges if it meant better justice, so unfortunately may not be true.

  • Ferdinand Bulckaen

    That’s why this country is so screwed up. Is this what most parents teach the next gereration?

  • She needs to sue the district attorney. Contact the state AG. Contact the FBI see if it qualifies as hate crime. And share your information with the FBI about the weak charges. Try sue the kids dad who a captain in another police dept in civil court. Just don’t give up. It sounds like your not. Good luck and God Bless you

  • 4 boys with bats to beat 1 boy sounds like a hate crime.what kind of people raised them? they should do time too ,they all need help

  • Andy Overshiner

    Yeah honestly what the heck? Child abuse? That is such a blatant misrepresentation of what these 4 did to this other boy. I refuse to forget about this and I hope everyone who is also just as angered about this will continue to Demand that the 4 attackers are actually imprisoned for this crime. There’s just no way that these boys should be able to not face any serious consequences for what they have done. How dare the judge and police department officials think that they are going to be able to just ignore and say that these boys will not be charged with attempted murder.

  • Vig L. Auntie

    Thats about as bad as it gets. Its a corrupt world we all live in. Sue them in civil court, take all their future income, well, that is, if they capable of employment.

  • Diane

    Lock them up and throw away key Losers

  • Tarra

    If they are old enough to make adult decisions they need to pay as an adult would. This was intentional and could have killed him. He and the family deserve justice!! Put their butts in prison for attempted murder, if someone wouldn’t have stopped them he would not have survived! Prayers for your family, I am so sorry this happened to Junior!

  • Lisa Ruben

    will pray for justice and your family

  • Sde

    Absolutely need max punishment- this is beyond horrible!! Although the more I hear and learn about the Wisconsin Judicial System, we shouldn’t be surprised. So very sad…..

  • Yes I believe all of them should be charged of attempted murder. Thank God he is still here. I pray for his healing🙏🙏🙏

  • sue SEELOW


  • Karin

    Child abuse with a dangerous weapon is not JUSTICE Try as adults. My prayers for the parents and for recovery

  • I hope you and your son get Justices May God be with him and your family <3

  • Lisa

    Child Abuse and Neglect is a class C felony and punishable up to 40 years and $100,000 under Wisconsin law. It is defined as “intentionally causing great bodily harm (injury with substantial risk of death or which results in permanent disability or disfigurement)
    They may have a hard time trying to prove attempted murder which most people only serve 10-15 years in prison. I think the cop charged with them with whatever carried the most jail time. If you research it I am sure you will come up with the same conclusion.

    • Ann

      I think they could check phone records and if what is said to be searched would still be traceable and could still be held in the court of law

  • Brittny

    They should all be charged with attempted murder. That boy almost died, why are the police taking that lightly? Cops son or not he deserves prison time. They ALL deserve prison time.

  • Doreen

    Parents teach children right or wrong it is then up to them to decide which don’t blame parents the kids made their choice They should be charged with attempted murder. They had baseball bats they were looking (premeditated) for someone to hurt unfortunately this boy was found first Do not let them get away with this

  • Maggie

    Who tf cares what Junior did…..that’s irrelevant……them 4 little sissy ass bitches deserve the fullest punishment and the cops son piss on him he deserves no special treatment….this whole situation sucks!!! 🙏🙏🙏 FOR JUNIOR

  • Some one should a go fund me for the Mother &SON

  • Sandi Lewellyn

    I have already said a prayer for Junior. Besides a complete & total recovery… I prayed for justice for him!! Plz tell Junior there are ppl behind him! Good luck.

  • John scherrer

    Bring in the State Police to do the investigation – there is an obvious conflict of interest.

  • Sherri

    There should not be favoritism. If they did beat him and did look up the penalty, it was premeditated and a very good chance he could have died. They should not get off and need to be accountable. My prayers to this young man and his family

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