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Our Services

Emergency Support

People call us in there worst moment. We will help you out of yours. Call 414-JUSTICE and we will be there.

Financial Services

We will make efforts to raise money for your scenario. We will give you banking and saving solutions.

Expert Consulting

We will plan out and advise you of the needed actions to best solve your situation.


We will assist you in finding a place to stay if you don’t have one.

Public Sector

Justice Wisconsin brings an unmatched breadth and depth of public and private sector experience to help address your mission – critical needs. Your case will definitely get the exposure it needs to harness enough attention to achieve the result we need.

Health Care

We will make sure you get the medical attention you need.

Longterm Parter

We will stay by your side always. Justice Wisconsin is will be there for you forever. It is our hope to stay connected with you even after we complete our work.

Media and Technology

Our team is able to take care of all your technology needs wether it be creating a website for your cause or marketing your scenario over the internet.

About Me


Our Story

I am not with any organization, or represent any church. I am not a Politician or nor do I want to be a politician at this point in my life! I support my community with my own time and energy cause its what I know God has called me to do. Since the age of 15 I was appointed Deacon of my Church and for seven years I work in that position before leaving Milwaukee and moving to Iowa. After living in Iowa and Minnesota for almost 10 years I returned home largely due to my Grandmother Having a massive stroke in Feb 0f 2011.

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How we can help



Developing effective strategies for our clients obtain the resources fo maximum potential. We create strategies to deliver economic success from social impact.
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Working closely with our clients to develop action plans that fuse strategy and staying on the case through full implementation all the way to measurable impact.
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Using evaluation to facilitate organisation and community learning, make strategic decisions, and take informed action.
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